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Every donation helps to enable traumatized and disadvantaged kids and teens to experience stays in an amazeees S-Care Hotel or to participate in a #LoCo.Event (and/or to improve their education or everyday life). Give them the opportunity to take a little break from their often stressful everyday life and to recharge their batteries and self-confidence.

And here we offer a somewhat crazy way to donate – the #LoCo.Charity.License

Donate a minimum of €/£/$ 100 and get up to 10 personalized licenses for free (digital certificate). Get the official approval to use the registered trademark #LoCo® as text in your social media posts, blog posts, comments, and reviews! Isn’t that a little #LoCo.Style? So you can donate in a fun way!

On the one hand: You donate and get a license to be a little bit #LoCo.
On the other hand: Each time you use the hashtag #LoCo, you gradually increase the level of awareness of our foundation, too.


In addition to your name, please tell us at least the city and country, if you want us to put you on our “Thank you” page. Your data will be displayed like this: Forename(s), Surname initials, Town, Country (e.g.: Emilia T., Wakefield, England)

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